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13 Dec 2009

Good Gigs Rant

In Leicester, it's not about playing at a particular venue, that bookings are about, but finding the right line-up to play in. All the main venues have their good nights and their bad nights. A good night is when a reasonable number of people attend (40+). That can happen at any venue on any day of the week, but only when the line-up is right.

A bad night is where a set of bands fails to draw a crowd and they end up playing to each other. That happens a lot and the sad thing is that it keeps on happening. Someone is making the same mistake over again. It could be the promoter, the venue or the bands or all of them together. But when it does happen everyone looses. So why don't they get it sorted and stop putting on nights that are bound to fail. It would be better if there were less gigs but more good gigs.

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